Ouroboros of four different disability models Charitable; Medical; Social; and Identity

Is an “identity model” replacing the charitable, medical, and social models of disability?

The next stage of evolution in how the global community views disability Part one of a three-part article. See part two on language choices associated with disability/accessibility here. Language is a strange and powerful thing. So are sociological models for traits…
Zara model wearing green jacket famously worn by Melania Trump. White block graffiti says “I really don’t care do u?”

Technology doesn’t make accessibility hard. People who don’t care do.

Everything that makes accessibility difficult ties back to one root cause: People not giving a damn about others who are different. These are the different categories of people you will run into in corporate settings that will make life difficult…
Boardroom inside sky scraper with lots of windows and white furniture, table and 15 chairs

California Law AB 979 promoting board diversity does not go far enough.

AB 979 law has a much too narrow definition of “underrepresented communities,” leaving out many identities who deserve to be included. AB 979 was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom last year. This law requires that by the end of 2021,…
Two women (one clearly a person of color) conversing in a coffee shop

Seven Steps to Processing a “Teachable Moment”

Not so much when the “teachable moment” pertains to diversity or identity, be it gender, age, disability, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ status, or any other aspect. Let me tell you that under those circumstances, “teachable moments” are unequivocally awful experiences, even under the best of circumstances.
Word cloud with Workshop in the center surrounded by training, goal, idea, skills, team, practice, results, trends

Ten Tips for Creating Effective Accessibility Workshops

For starters, re-imagine your all-day workshop in an “all you can eat buffet” format, not a single 12-course dinner. 1. Short 5–10 minute segments in repetitive “learn-do” cycles generally work better than live workshops It is challenging for people to take a…