“Don’t miss the Deadline” written on a chalkboard in white chalk with a silver stopwatch in place of the letter “o” in “don’t”

Accessibility New Year’s Resolutions — The Deadline for Implementing WCAG 2.1

Procrastination is firmly embedded in human nature. And the lack of a deadline makes it easier to procrastinate. Step 1: You tell someone they have to do something they may not really want to do Step 2: They *always* ask…
Architectural blueprint with several cartoon characters, construction equipment, and a partially built house

Behaviors to Achieve Accessibility Program Excellence

In a previous article, I highlighted activities that I think help people become good (or better) accessibility managers through improving their objective accessibility knowledge. While the activities identified in that article will provide individuals with a baseline of objective accessibility knowledge,…
Wooden sign post showing three directions: This Way, That Way, and the Other Way

Where is the best organizational location for Accessibility?

Accessibility is the little red hen of the business world. Almost everyone wants the accessible experience, however, not everyone wants the responsibility of making that happen. Complicating matters is that not all potential locations for an accessibility team are the…

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