Cardboard with post-it note — Time for New Content

Inaccessible Third-party Content and Code — Why it is Important, and How to Address it

In the United States, various parts of the federal government have made it painfully and consistently clear in its rulings that the federal government doesn’t care who created inaccessible content or code, if it’s on your site, then the site…

Create your accessibility “Aha!” moment — By teaching VoiceOver to EVERYONE

Accessibility managers in large organizations spend a lot of time trying to convince people in decision making positions to adopt accessible practices — be it in development, QA, procurement, or whatever segment of the organization they are trying to influence. This usually…

Hiring an Accessibility Tester? Here is an approach that you should consider

A former team member reached out to me today. He was disappointed because he didn’t get an accessibility testing contract that frankly, he was overqualified for. When I asked what went wrong, he said “they wanted someone who knew more…

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